V. Sridhar

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Professor, Centre for IT and Public Policy (CITAPP)

International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore, India

recent Book

Sridhar, V. (2019). Emerging ICT Polices and Regulations: Roadmap to Digital Economies. Springer Nature. E-Book ISBN: ISBN 978-981-329-022-8; Hardcover ISBN: 978-981-329-021-1.

recent articles in Journals

Sridhar, V., Girish K, Badrinarayan M. (2020). Analysis of Crowdsourced Data for Estimating Data Speeds across Service Areas of India. Telecommunication Systems. DOI: 10.1007/s11235-020-00736-z

Sridhar, V., Vadivelu, Selvaraj. (2020). Satellite phone development through an off-shore, outsourcing partnership: Client and Vendor Experiences. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases. DOI: 10.1177/2043886920951199 .

Potluri, Sai Rakshith, Sridhar, V., Rao, Shrisha. (2020). Effects of Data Localization on Digital Trade: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach. Telecommunications Policy. 44(9). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.telpol.2020.102022

Nandakishore, K.N., Sridhar, V., Srikanth, T.K. (2020). Key Quality of Service Attributes of Digital Platforms. Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems. 30(1), 94-119.

Sridhar, V., Kotta, Chandana. (2020). Regulatory Framework for the National AI Market Place. In Competition and Regulation in India 2019: Digital Economy – Hitting the rest button on Competition and Regulatory Governance, Jaipur, India: CUTS International. ISBN: 978-81-8257-281-2. 131-147.

recent articles in newspapers

Sridhar, V. (4 Dec 2020). Fast forward to 4G: Covid has made the upgrade from 2G a necessity. Business Line.

Sridhar, V. (27 Oct 2020). The V-band conundrum. Financial Express.

Sridhar, Kala., Sridhar, V. (21 Oct 2020). A Nobel reward for auction designers. Hindu Business Line.

Sridhar, V., Shrisha Rao. (10 Aug 2020). Need for a regulatory framework for the National AI Marketplace. India AI.

Sridhar, V. (31 Jul 2020). Should the government go easy on the telecom sector?. Hindu.

Sridhar, V. (17 Jul 2020). Beyond the social network. Economic Times.

Sridhar, V. (15 Jul 2020). Data Nationalism: What is in the offing?. Financial Express.

Maheshwari, D., and Sridhar, V. (26 Jun 2020). Monitoring the new communication space. Hindu Business Line.

Prasad, R., Maheshwari, D. & Sridhar, V. (11 Jun 2020). 5G Auctions must realise Technology, Market Realities. Hindu Business Line.

Maheshwari, D. & Sridhar, V. (9 Jun 2020). Broadband, broad-based. Financial Express.

Sridhar, V. (14 May 2020). For the health of privacy. Financial Express.

Sridhar, V., Mehta, Udai & Kumar, Ujjwal. (29 Apr 2020). The India Super App: here are the broader implications of the Facebook-Reliance Jio deal. YourStory.

Sridhar, V. (23 Apr 2020). India’s tech policy needs a refresh. East Asia Forum, Australian National University.

Sridhar, V. (20 Apr 2020). How to safeguard digital privacy in Covid-19 times. Hindu Business Line.

Sridhar, V. Hämmäinen, H. (9 Apr 2020). Road to 5G: Call for a better future. Financial Express

Sridhar, V. (25 Mar 2020). Fighting the Covid pandemic digitally. Business Line.

Sridhar, V., and Rohit Prasad. (29 Jan 2020). Budget should look in to Telecom crisis. Business Line.

Sridhar, V., and Mehta, Uday. (2 Jan 2020). Digital giants need a code of conduct. Business Line.

recent Funded projects

Sridhar, V., Balaji, Parthasarathy, & Preeti Mudliar. Online and offline livelihoods - An analysis of the impact of the gig economy on worker participation. Azim Premji University Research Grant. Funded by Azim Premji University (Oct 2019 – Mar 2021) for INR 19,55,800.

Sridhar, V. & Shrisha Rao. Regulatory Impact Assessment of the National AI Market Place of India. Facebook AI Ethics Research Grant funded by Facebook (Oct 2019-Mar 2020). For INR 14,08,750.

Sridhar, V. & Prasad, Rohit. The Future of Licensed Spectrum in a 5G-OTT World. Funded by the Indian Institute of Management IDEA Telecom Centre of Excellence (Apr 2019-Dec 2020) for INR 18,48,230.

recent TALKs

Invited speaker at the F- Tech 2.0 Confluence of emerging technologies organized by Sterlite Technologies on “Application of 5-G Technologies in Emerging Business Environment”, 28 Nov 2020.

Invited panelist in the Webinar on "Does your COVID-19 tracing app follow you for ever?". IEEE Standard Association - Digital Inclusion, Identity, Trust and Agency (DIITA). 9 Jul 2020.

Invited panelist in the Webinar on "Frauds in the time of COVID-19 - Phishing, payment frauds and dark web activities". Best Practices Meet 2020, Data Security Council of India (DSCI). 8 Jul 2020.

Invited panelist in the Webinar on "The explosion of online higher education in India during the COVID - 19 Pandemic". Observer Research Foundation. 13 May 2020.

Talk on authored book on “Emerging ICT Policies and Regulations: Roadmap to Digital Economies” at Carnegie India (5 Feb 2020), Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (29 Feb 2020).

Invited panelist for the session titled “New Age Competition & Regulatory Challenges and the Way Forward”. In the workshop on “Digital Economy – Hitting the reset button on competition and regulatory governance”. Organized by Consumer Unity Trust & Society. New Delhi.. 5 Feb 2020.

Invited speaker on “Overview of Cyber Security in the Geo-spatial domain”, International Workshop on Advanced Spatial Analytics and Deep Learning for Geospatial Applications. Bengaluru, 20-31 January 2020.