academic and industry Experience

Previous Position

Apr 2008 – Jun 2014 Research Fellow, Sasken Communication Technologies

Bangalore, India

Oct 2003 – Mar 2008 Professor, Information Management

Dean (Research & Consulting) (Mar 2005 – Mar 2007)

Management Development Institute

Gurgaon, India

1999 – Oct 2003 Associate Professor

Information Technology and Systems Group

Indian Institute of Management

Lucknow, India

1998-1999 Assistant Professor

Program in Management of Global Information Technology

Kogod School of Business

American University

Washington, DC, U.S.A.

1994-1998 Assistant Professor

McClure School of Communication Systems Management

Ohio University

Athens, Ohio, U.S.A.

Visiting Positions

2008-2013 Adjunct Faculty

Indian Institite of Management Bangalore

Bangalore, INDIA

Apr 01-May 31, 2011 Visiting Scholar

Department of Communications and Networking

School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University

Espoo, Finland

Mar 1–Jun 15, 2002, Visiting Faculty

Apr 20-Jun 20, 2003 Department of Management Science and Information Systems

The University of Auckland Business School

The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand